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Conductor and composer James Wood, renowned for his intepretations of both contemporary and fifteenth century repertoire has completed a brilliant new analysis of Gesualdo's Sacrae Continoes Liber Secundus. The result of 2 years' work it resulted also in a prize-winning recording with VocalConsort Berlin on Harmonia Mundi.  We're delighted to be teaming up with Vision Edition to bring you this special edition via CE Books.

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"After a long and intense involvement with the music, and digging far deeper than anyone before in order to understand the underlying principles of Gesualdo's very particular technique, James Wood has employed his own considerable compositional skill and experience to create an utterly convincing reconstruction of all the incomplete works."
Andrew Parrott

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Six Questions for Ed Bennett

11/2/2015 9:32 AM
Ed Bennett

Ahead of this week’s concerts of his music in Belfast and Dublin Ed Bennett answers some questions about himself, his music and his band Decibel.

What is the last book you read?

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. It too me a few years to get to this one but it's scary and potentially coming true in this country!

Which piece(s) of music have most effected you personally? (and how)

Many, many things, too many to mention here but there has certainly been music that has left a big impression at certain points in my life...the big Andriessen works De Staat, De Tijd etc, Feldman's Coptic Light, the music of Luc Ferrari, a lot of improvised music, songwriters, Bjork, Joni Mitchell...ah this is too difficult, come around and look at my record collection.

What wouldn’t you do without?

The company of all the people who make my life interesting and my record collection.

Which is your favourite own work?

This changes and I'm reluctant to pick one out but I'm fond of Dzama Stories, a large energetic work for improviser and amplified ensemble (with saxophonist Paul Dunmall) and at the other end of the spectrum Slow Down, a very reduced and quiet work for piano trio.

Describe your ensemble Decibel

Big, noisy, quiet, fast, slow, rhythmic and good looking.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

When it comes to developing as an artist it's a marathon not a sprint.


Saturday 7th November - Belfast

Tuesday 10th November - Birmingham

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Rob Keeley

"In a musical age of gesture and ideology, Keeley is a composer who quietly continues the classical art of putting note against note. These seven instrumental and chamber pieces, none exceeding 14 minutes, are a living testament to the virtues of concision and aural exactitude.
Paul Driver, The Times

"Rob Keeley is both a ‘natural’ as a composer, and a bit of an enigma.
Bayan Northcott

Rob Keeley is in many ways a performer's composer. His elegantly composed works, underwired with deft neo-classical ingenuity create generous and supportive settings for interpretation.

A fine recital and ensemble pianist, his works for piano such as the Goldberg and Diabellis inspired Variations or the Ravelean A Sonatina in Four Waltzes are moreish to perform with or without an audience. Recent years have seen Keeley focussing on chamber works, particularly duos in including for flute and harp, two bassoons, flute and percussion and violin and viola.

The enjoyment of performers of his work is underscored by the three portrait CD releases available on the NMC, Convivium and Lorelt labels. Dances with Bears, Tales from the Golden City and Quetzalli all featuring on the most recent release from Lorelt.

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Kirsty Devaney

"Kirsty is emerging as one of the most exciting composers of her generation. Her music is bold, constantly inventive, containing real emotional depth. It's music that draws you in, and doesn't let you go.
Joe Cutler

"Kirsty has a clear and refreshing voice as a composer and engages with musicians, students and audiences alike.
David Curtis, Orchestra of the Swan

A very warm Composers Edition welcome to Kirsty Devaney. Evocative, often delicately balanced, Devaney's works draw the listener in to a revelatory inner world and in doing so create an immediate and lasting impact.  A Junior Fellow of Birmingham Conservatoire, she is particularly interested in introducing new music to those who may be less familiar with it and alongside composing is currently investigating composing in secondary school education.  

Devaney's initial Composers Edition offering include Submerge for strings and amplified harpsichord commissioned by Orchestra of the Swan, piano trio Nebula & Pulsar, composed for the Schubert Ensemble's Chamber Music 2000 and [as if on a pivot] composed for Arden Recorder Orchestra as part of the Adopt a Composer scheme.

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