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Congratulations to Composers Edition's Martin Iddon's whose String Trio Danaë has won the chamber music category at the 2014 British Composer Awards.  

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Patrick John Jones

How would you summarise yourself in one sentence?
"Imagine a cross between a less good-looking Jarvis Cocker (minus the singing ability), a better-looking T.S. Eliot (minus the way with words), and a less funny Simon Amstell (minus the big curly hair). 

That may or may not be almost, but not quite, entirely unlike me."

Read the rest of the interview here ahead of the premiere of Uncanny Vale on Weds 3 December at The Wigmore Hall.  Score preview and pre-orders being taken here.

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‘[…]a sharp ear and a vigorous imagination. […] the music’s inventiveness and textural control are unmistakeable.’
The Sunday Times

features these works available from Composers Edition:

preview At the Speed of Stillness
preview Fire Burning in Snow
preview Caught in Treetops
preview Oneiroi
preview Replay
preview Yellow Leaves


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We're delighted to report that Martin Iddon's Danaë has been shortlisted for the 2014 British Composer Awards.  We're looking forward to the ceremony on Tuesday 3 December.



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The newly launched Composers Edition offers ready access to professional composers' own imprints, delivered in days to your door, or downloaded in seconds!

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Composers Edition offers a subscription based service to professional composers.

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